In the event that you can think it, we can ink it.

LP Printing (LPP) has been creating stunning products at affordable prices for a broad range of businesses throughout the states since 1989. We consistently push the boundaries of print beyond what we ever thought possible. LPP strives to inspire people with unique printings that leave a lasting impact because we believe that a great first impression drives meaningful engagement.

Values that lead us


Customer service

Don’t worry about technical print terms throwing up obstacles. We enjoy helping client turn their ideas into superb tangible objects. Our dedicated print experts will advise you at every stage of your order.


Experience & Efficiency

We have over 35 years of printing experience under our belt. We run a high level of automation from order to dispatch and are constantly working on perfecting the workflow.



Our quality defines us and sets us on a high standard for all orders. We never compromise on our quality, which gives us a competitive edge over others.



Most of our products can be printed the same day or next day, making your experience fast and easy.

Our team of Big Thinkers




Production Manager


Product Manager


Lead Designer


Sales Rep


Sales Rep




Large Format Manager

Putting your thoughts into print

We will continue to create a state of the art printing company that does more than just ink-to-paper. Our approach to the future will continue to focus on adding an array of advanced software, equipment, products, and solutions for our partners in business.

Let’s start printing

Our team has the experience to find the right solutions suitable for your project. Regardless of the size of the project or its complexity we have modeled our team and facility with the capabilities to make the right suggestions to produce your materials with quality, on time, and on budget.

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